Bunny Turner & Emma Pocock

Library Room

A deep-seated belief in the power of good design fuels Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock in everything they do.  Not only do they feel that your surroundings can be a source of great joy, but they are also convinced your environment can have a profoundly restorative effect.

Following a pledge made in Bunny’s garden during their first meeting 17 years ago, the duo have fused their insatiable drive and ambition with their innate creativity and established a business with the design of authentic, comfortable and creative spaces at its core.

It is a challenge to infiltrate a design session with these two designers who work in a perfect state of symbiosis.  Two creative brains and opinions serve them well, allowing them to embrace the new and be experimental, whilst avoiding passing fashions and mimicry.

As new designers they were trailblazers in the way they embraced colour and pattern.  That passion for the emotive power of colour continues to set them apart, as does their rather unexpected combination of approachability and professionalism.

The Turner Pocock style is one with longevity and it never loses sight of the client and their specific needs.  Authenticity is an obsession for Bunny and Emma, they are determined that no house they design should be a show home, in fact in Bunny’s opinion it should be a “happy work horse”.  Their clients’ homes are environments that serve those who occupy them creating a sense of comfort, convenience, loyalty and undisputed beauty.