A luxurious sustainable fabric

Like anyone I’m trying to make more of an effort when it comes to living more sustainability, and since I’m redecorating my sitting room I’d like to choose some fabrics that are kinder to the planet. However, I’d still like the room to have a really luxurious feel. Any suggestions?

Happily, there’s an increasingly wide choice of fabrics that can suit your needs. It depends on your personal style, but for a soothing neutral look, how about Pierre Frey’s ‘Ruben’ (pictured), part of its sustainable Natecru collection – it’s made from recycled cashmere and wool, and undyed linen. If you’re more of a colour and pattern lover, look to Rubelli’s opulent fabrics made from fibre derived from the castor bean, specially developed in-house: ‘Lollipop’ is a bold 1950s-inspired design while ‘Java’s silhouetted palm motif was inspired by Japanese lacquerware.