'Antea' lamp, Italamp at Modern British Kitchens

A space-saver for a sitting room

I’ve bought a new sofa that’s longer than the previous one, and it’s left me unable to fit in my side table and floor lamp in the remaining space. Can I combine the two with one hybrid space-saving product that will streamline things and make it a bit less cluttered?

'Antea' lamp, Italamp at Modern British KitchensWhat about this ‘Antea’ lamp by Italian brand Italamp, available from the Huma Kitchens showroom? It doesn’t just combine a floor lamp with a useful shelf that can act as a table: there are also two independent sources of light, one that glows at floor level to add a cosy ambience, and one at the top that works as a conventional floor light for tasks such as reading. Another option would be Turri’s ‘Roma’ table-cum-light, which serves a similar dual purpose: it has a metal base with a domed lightshade suspended over the top, and comes in in champagne gold or graphite grey.