Ting-Ying Gallery Presenting Vezzini & Chen

Vezzini & Chen’s work is defined by the artful marriage of hand carved ceramics and blown glass. The creative partnership brings together their two disciplines, materials and styles within unified compositions; the two sides and forms artfully interact, creating a compelling visual dialogue. The collections tread a fine line between functional and conceptual, with the art and design duo creating sculptural handcrafted lighting and installation pieces.

At Artefact 2022, Ting-Ying Gallery will present a special solo exhibition of Vezzini & Chen to celebrate their 10th anniversaries.

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

+44 (0)78 1111 9288
[email protected]

Dreamy Forest 2021,_H40xW150xL90cm porcelain, glass, brass, dimmable Led light, Vezzini & Chen
Cave 2021, H28xW40xL40cm engraved furnace glass, Vezzini & Chen
Peony 2022, Vezzini & Chen
Peony 2022, Vezzini & Chen
Seed Table Light 2022, Vezzini & Chen
Water & Sand 2017, Vezzini & Chen