Jochen Holz at SEEDS

Seeds is an ever-evolving critical platform for the production, exhibition and dissemination of experimental design pieces. Deftly moving between art and design, concept and craft, form and function, the emerging and established, Seeds is about duality. It underlines the richness and complementarity between variant ways of experiencing, exhibiting and appropriating design.

Lighting by Design sees a number of innovative lights from Seeds: the ‘(Not So) Gloriale’ lamps in collaboration with Marc Dibeh which is an innovative design that oxidizes brass to intensify the inner halo and thus create an egotistical presence; the dream-like and sculptural ‘Two Stones’ and ‘Cheers 2021’ lamps by Nicola Ceccuti which explores the use of mixed media, including industrial building materials, to develop textured surfaces that strongly evoke the natural world; the neon ‘Cumuliform’ and ‘Neon’ table lights by Jochen Holz made of free formed borosilicate glass tubing and the ‘Lustre’ pendant by the same designer which employs metallic oxides, painted onto molten coloured glass.

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

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'Cumuliform' table light, Jochen Holz at SEEDS