Lladró Lighting

For almost 70 years, Lladró has deployed its unparalleled know-how in the field of porcelain in its Valencia factory. Each piece is delicately made by sculptors and artisans in an entirely handcrafted process that combines age-old techniques with its own unmistakable palette of colours, exploring the vast creative potential of porcelain in collaborative projects with renowned contemporary artists and designers.

Nothing creates a greater impact in a space than the light that is emitted within it. Lladró’s porcelain lighting collection combines the elements of light and earth to create a delicate balance of creative artistry and rich artisanal technique.

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

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'Seasons' chandelier, Lladro Lighting
'Nightbloom' chandelier, Lladro Lighting
'Nightbloom' chandelier, Lladro Lighting
'Nightbloom' table lamp, Lladro Lighting