creative images

  1. Lapis ceramic table lamp, Abigail Ozora Simpson, and shade, both Alexander Lamont + Miles
  2. Amoir Libre Wall’ wallcovering ​(D23007 047), shocking, Dedar 
  3. ‘Sherbet Stripe Velvet Cream’ fabric, Harlequin 
  4. ‘Liberdade’ wallcovering (MRN03-1),  Marni for Londonart Wallpaper
  5. ‘Duo’ lounge chair, Ceccotti Collezioni
  6. ‘Lazuli’ paint, Zoffany
  7. Poison’ paint, Zoffany

  1. ‘Zande’ table lamp and raffia shade, Porta Romana 
  2. Emery Blue’ paint, Morris & Co
  3. Mandorla’ wallcovering (76200304),Casamance at Colony by Casa Luiza
  4. ‘Medlar’ limewash paint,Bauwerk Colour at The Specified

  1. Ruban’ chair, Pierre Frey, upholstered inOpio’ fabric (I6616010),prussianaFadini Borghi at Pierre Frey 
  2. Selce’ coffee table, Gallotti&Radice
  3. Shanghai’ carpet runner, WendyMorrison 
  4. Oxney Olive’ paint, Sanderson 
  5. Wild Plum Light’ paint, Sanderson 
  6. Backgammon’ fabric (3013F/01), tuttifrutti, George Spencer Designs
  7. Newby Green’ paint, Sanderson

  1. Caorle’ bowl, Moser at GladeeLighting 
  2. ‘Turin’ end table, spice, Arteriors
  3. ‘Poison’ paint, Zoffany
  4. ‘La Desirade’ wallcovering (FP010 001), palmeraie, Pierre Frey 
  5. ‘Newby Green’ paint, Sanderson 

  1. Medina Stripe’ fabric (J0225-01),blue/multi, Jane Churchill at Colefax andFowler
  2. Zylina’ fabric (F7834-02),indigo/emerald, Osborne & Little​​
  3. Carlton’ sofa, David Seyfried Ltd, upholstered in (05093) fabric, royal, Trendat Christian Lee (Fabricut)
  4. Caterina’ floor light, Italampat Huma Kitchens ​​
  5. Sherpa’ carpet (SHE-MZ-HS), Armadilloat The Specified
  6. Lazuli’ paint, Zoffany
  7. Poison’ paint, Zoffany

  1. Geometric Abstraction’, oil on panel, Celia Gullett at The Specified
  2. Venetian Red’ paint, Zoffany
  3. Small vessel, Lydia Hardwick, AlexanderLamont + Miles 
  4. Oxney Olive’ paint, Sanderson 
  5. Newby Green’ paint, Sanderson​​
  1. EkeroMove’ portable lamp, Porada​ ​
  1. Alp’ lever, V.Brokkrat The Specified ​​
  1. Kami’ lever, V.Brokkrat The Specified​   ​
  1. Medina’ wallcovering (MW145/07), Mark Alexander at Romo 

  1. Tangara’ fabric (10965-875), Zimmer +Rohde 
  2. Shay’ chandelier, Arteriors 
  3. Oxney Olive’ paint, Sanderson 
  4. Vista’ lounge chair,Atelier Purcellat Pavoni, upholstered in ‘Patagonia Soft’ leather, perla, and ‘Miro’ leather, avorioPavoni 
  5. Pamir Stripe’ fabric (ED85341/955),ebony, Threads at GP & J Baker 
  6. Venetian Red’ paint, Zoffany

  1. Imari Birds’ table lamp and 18” ‘Cecilia’ tribal shade, Vaughan​​
  2. Lucy’ fabric (35006190), tuttifrutti, Casal at Houlès ​​
  3. Venetian Red’ paint, Zoffany
  4. Sagitta’ fabric (F7832-01),amber/terracotta, Osborne & Little 
  5. Medlar’ limewash paint, BauwerkColour at The Specified

  1. ‘Adhurst’ lantern, Vaughan
  2. ‘Capistrand’ wallcovering, sunset, Vervain at Turnell & Gigon
  3. ’Venetian Red’ paint, Zoffany
  4. ‘Clermont Epinglé’ fabric, pink, Schumacher
  5. ‘Seta’ armchair, Rubelli Casa, upholstered in ‘Tierra Velvet’ fabric (30614), sabbia, all Rubelli
  6. ‘Uma’ accent table, Arteriors
  7. ‘Wild Plum Light’ paint, Sanderson


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