“A 17 room marvel” – AD Pro

“You musn’t miss the spectacular WOW!house, it’s full of inspiration” – House & Garden

“Bringing the best of international design to one place” – Homes & Gardens

“The standard is sky-high” – Elfreda Pownall, journalist 

“Smart and timeless” – Giles Kime, executive and interiors editor, Country Life

“Prepare to be Wowed” – Elle Decoration

“The detail at WOW!house is extraordinary” – Elspeth Pridham, editor, The Insider

“Love to say ‘I saw it first?’ Then you can’t afford to miss the WOW!house” – Livingetc

“The vision for WOW!house is a highly sensory one” – Business of Home


WOW!house 2022 - GP & J Baker Morning Room

“WOW!house is a fantastic representation of the standard of our industry… it makes our industry look outstanding and the rooms are truly beautiful” – Ann Grafton, GP & J Baker

“I think the WOW!house project is an amazing project. I think it is something as we in this industry really need. The level is extraordinary” – Bernie de Le Cuona

“The opportunity to work with leading designers and to create something on a completely open brief and to mix those together so that people came through the house and had all of these different experiences. I think that has always been an exciting idea and it is fantastic to be part of it” – Nigel Palmer, House of Rohl

WOW!house is really wonderful because it shows the world what we do” – Pierre Frey

“People who come into all of the rooms have commented on the incredible attention to detail” – Nigel Palmer, House of Rohl


“WOW!house is an incredible opportunity to see a lot of design talent in one place” – Charlotte Rey, Campbell-Rey, co-designer of the Schumacher Garden Room 

“It’s a wonderful example of so many different interior designers work” – Kit Kemp, Kit Kemp Design Studio, co-designer of the Day Room

“You get a great sense of joy from everyone pulling together and working really hard” – Phillip Hooper, Sybill Colefax & John Fowler, co-designer of the Colefax & Fowler Drawing Room

“I feel there is this sense of celebration and achievement of an industry coming together to create something really beautiful” – Linda Boronkay, Boronkay Design Studio, designer of the Pierre Frey Salon

“The creativity and diversity that exists in our industry is amazing’”– Phillip Vergeylen, Paolo Moschino Ltd, co-designer of the Drawing Room

WOW!house 2022 - Colefax and Fowler Drawing Room


WOW!house 2022 - Tissus d'Helene Bedroom

“It is fantastic – extremely inspiring to see all the details, and how you can combine pattern and colour in unexpected ways” – Ann-Cecilie Mattsson, visiting from Sweden

“It’s sexy, exciting, stimulating and inspiring, With each new room I kept thinking it wasn’t going to get any better – but it did! I’ll probably take at least ten ideas away from here” – Mary Malde, interior designer 

“I loved it – it’s like walking through a magazine. It’s so nice to see lots of new ideas and trends, and the level of detail in every aspect is amazing” – Jules Gallop, interior designer 

“It’s such a good idea to be able to see lots of different designers, and so rare to be able to experience so many personal tastes in one go. It felt tangible and attainable,” – Anahita Rigby, interior designer