Linda Boronkay

Pierre Frey Salon

Linda Boronkay Design Studio is an interior architecture and design studio based in London. The multidisciplinary team collectively has more than 70 years’ experience of creating hotels, restaurants, bars, members’ clubs and residences, working across the globe with a profound dedication to functionality and individuality. The core values of its work are integrity & character across all its projects. It believes that the emotional impact of a space is just as important as the aesthetic. The focus is first and foremost on how people live and inhabit a space and this drives our experience-driven approach. The studio combines this with detailed research to create successful and unique concepts that respect the individuality of their clients. The team has a fully immersive attitude – designing all aspects of a project from interior architecture to loose furnishings.

Linda has been working on a global platform utilising a visionary and multidisciplinary approach, free from rigid schemes. Her main inspirations come from art, fashion, literature, music, cinema, architecture and craft. She believes the key to successful interiors is a combination of authentic, site-specific design that respects history, location and architecture with the imaginative, distinctive use of materials, colours and forms.

“I’m excited to work on this unique project alongside other amazing designers and in our case creating a fantasy world for Pierre Frey where we can showcase their beautiful fabrics and products and also collide our design world with theirs. We have a longstanding and strong professional relationship with the brand and we are their biggest fans, so it’s going to be great fun working together on a more conceptual brief!”