Design Centre Stories

Working in Synergy

Design collaborations are proof that originality flourishes when collective minds come together – and nobody does them better than the Italian design industry, which has decades of experience of working in synergy. Serial collaborations often take place over years, or even decades, meaning that products become ever more ambitious and refined as designers gain intimate knowledge of production techniques, and learn to push the boundaries with each new collection.

David Dolcini first worked with Porada in 2015, and this year returns with the new ‘Halo’ light (pictured top), made from a bronze ring illuminated on its inner face, sat on a marble base. At Ceccotti Collezioni, Draw Studio has conceived the ‘Sweet Dreams’ bed (pictured centre), which has a slender headboard that still provides plenty of comfort thanks to its upholstery. New showroom Turri features the work of Andrea Bonini, including the ‘Zero’ stool (pictured bottom), which was inspired by the clean-lined geometry of mid-century architects such as Vittoriano Viganò and Carlo Scarpa.

Apart from their collaborative inception, the three share something else in common. With barely a right-angle in sight, their curvaceousness sums up the current vogue for soft silhouettes and enveloping comfort, something that’s become ever-more important in a frantic world.

Porada, First Floor, South Dome
Ceccotti Collezioni, First Floor, Centre Dome
Turri, Second Floor, South Dome