View from The Veranda with with Topher Delaney

This series invites experts to share their perspective on global design as it relates to the outdoors and the intersection of indoor-outdoor living. Presented in partnership with Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, The Horticultural Society of New York and The New York Design Center.


View from The Veranda with Topher Delaney

Tuesday 23 February, 4pm (GMT)

Join Steele Marcoux, Veranda magazine editor in chief, for an in-depth dialogue with Topher Delaney, lead artist and art director of Delaney + Chin, an art studio focused on creating and constructing site-specific sanctuary spaces, based out of Vallejo, CA. Together Steele and Topher will explore the intersection of cultural, social and artistic narratives that create dynamic gardens and physical installations, where to find inspiration, and preview the Delaney + Chin works to come in 2021.


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