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Wild Style

First made in North America in 1924, Old Hickory hunting knives were prized by their owners for their comfort, ergonomics and longevity. Turnstyle Designs‘ Devon manufacturing base may be far from the rugged Rocky Mountains or the sunlit Great Plains, but nonetheless this essential tool of the wilderness-lover has inspired its latest collection.

“They used hand-carved wooden handles pinned with brass, and we thought this was a perfect combination with the types of materials we already work with,” explained Turnstyle Designs’ Oscar Roberts, introducing the collection as part of Focus/20’s virtual programme. “Our design process always starts with a hand-drawn sketch; we’ll hand-carve a master out of wood, which allows us to pick up all the grain and texture,” he said.

The handle is cast in the company’s patented Amalfine material, which preserves all the fine detail of the timber original but offers a much greater range of finishes than wood ever could. The collection includes a lever door handle, cabinet handle (pictured) and cabinet knob, and treads the line between the rustic origins of the design and the high-end finish for which Turnstyle Designs is known.

“Because of the style of Hickory and the fact that it’s based around wood, we envisage it being used in projects such as ski chalets and beach huts which have a fairly casual environment,” said Roberts.

Watch the full presentation here.

Turnstyle Designs, First Floor, Design Centre East