Design Centre Stories

Turn up the Power

When playful patterns and exuberant colours converge, it creates a design scheme that fizzes with energy. Design studios have used a patchwork of references and cultural inspirations to bring unity in a collaged world. It doesn’t matter where the influences stem from –  the Orient, the Middle East or the bright colour of the carnival – it all comes together in this kaleidoscopic wonderland, and somehow, it all seems to gel. Pictured top to bottom are Brentano’s ‘Pinnacle’ performance fabric, available from Altfield; ‘Condesa Kite’ tiles, by Guy Mitchell, available from Artisans of Devizes; ‘Muza’ fabric, by GP & J Baker; and fabrics from Jim Thompson’s Floriental range.

Altfield, Design Space, Third Floor, South Dome
Artisans of Devizes, Third Floor, Design Centre East
GP & J Baker, Ground Floor, Design Centre East
Jim Thompson, Design Space, Third Floor, South Dome

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