Design Centre Stories

The Wild Things

There’s an air of surrealism and fantasy to some of spring’s collections, with mythical creatures, motifs from nature recoloured in edgier shades and unusual juxtapositions of form. Clarke & Clarke’s Wilderie collection, available from Harlequin, satisfies anyone with a taste for this particular breed of maximalism.

Artist Emma J Shipley created the fabrics and wallpapers, inspired by myths, legends and the curiosities of the natural world. Hand-drawn designs include ‘Lynx’, a winged cat with a peacock-feather tail, and ‘Zambezi’, which features cheetah-spotted elephants playfully joining trunks. The pattern repeats are a little surreal, too, echoing a traditional damask in their symmetric nature, but with pairs of giraffes or horned zebras in place of abstract motifs.

Harlequin, First Floor, South Dome

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