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The Heritage of Home

Home comforts are coming to the fore in a time of disruption. There’s a soothing, cocooning sense of satisfaction to be found in the familiar, but schemes that mix innovation and tradition manage to keep up with changing lifestyles while staying rooted in the past. Archive fabric and wallpaper designs rescaled and recoloured, period-inspired hardware and the revival of artisan techniques all help to create an interior that allows us to touch the past but stay connected to the present, too.

Lizzo’s ‘Tropic’ fabric (above) is where tradition meets technology: in subdued hues and with a slightly faded finish, it’s actually a performance fabric, designed to withstand the elements. It’s part of Flaneur, Lizzo’s first-ever collection of  outdoor textiles.

Period-inspired hardware brings a sense of permanence and nobility to interiors. In the shape of a stylised leaf, The Nanz Company’s lever ‘2020’ handle (above left) was influenced by the American Arts & Crafts movement, and its rejection of industrial production in favour of the hand-crafted. In the UK, interior designer and architectural historian Edward Bulmer has collaborated with Collier Webb on a collection of historically faithful hardware, which includes this ‘Lenygon’ tie-back (above right), which features an intricate period pattern dating back to 1880.

GP & J Baker’s Signature Wallpaper II collection breathes new life into designs from the company’s fabulous archive. Styled with modern furniture, ‘Hydrangea Bird’ (above) is a design that’s more than a century old – and was itself inspired by an 18th-century wallcovering – but it can still hold its own today.

Artisan techniques are experiencing a revival as we seek to connect with objects that show the hand of the maker. This can sometimes mean painstaking work, but with an incredible pay-off that fully justifies the man-hours, such as Palestrina London’s world-class hand embroideries (above), from Turnell & Gigon.

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Main image credits: ‘Greensward Bouquet’ fabric, (645),Travers at Zimmer + Rohde; ‘Owlswick’ paint, Sanderson; ‘Suhling’ side table, McKinnon and Harris; ‘Atticus’ lamp with 10” ‘Oshin’ shade in oat linen with peat satin lining, both Porta Romana, trimmed with ‘Avrelia’ beaded fringe, onyx, Samuel & Sons; ‘Giacometti’ bench, Porta Romana, upholstered in ‘Oshin’ (De13611), tobacco, Holland & Sherry and ‘Cut Ruche’ trim, jute, Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd; ‘Boabab’ fabric (10858/794), Zimmer + Rohde; ‘Rurale’ fabric (199), fragola, Silk & Beyond at Alton-Brooke; ‘Ravenna’ (F0220-08), rose pumice, Watts of Westminster; ‘Star’ gimp braid, bespoke colour, Nada Designs; ‘Pear’ wallcovering (W0037-30), marble gesuiti green, Watts of Westminster; ‘Mosaic’ rug, oxidised with fringes, Thibault Van Renne at Art Rugs Gallery

Collier Webb, Second Floor, South Dome
Lizzo, Ground Floor, South Dome
The Nanz Company, Fourth Floor, Design Centre East
Turnell & Gigon, Ground Floor, North Dome

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