Design Centre Stories

The Delcourt Collection

Pieces of furniture-like sculptures will include the ‘Boomerang’ sofa, ‘Monolithic’ table and ‘Carved’ screen, as well as material patches of sanded leather, lacquered wood and polished marble, drawing on a world where every piece completes, reveals and answers one another.Delcourt’s work combines raw materials and elegant lines and he relies heavily on nature and natural materials – and their abilitiy to shape a design with depth, emotion and warmth – to inform his work. According to the deisgner ‘Nature is the first element in my design process. If you look, there are so many shapes that you find in nature that you can apply to furniture design – the colors, the textures, the way things can be mixed together. I hope my work is a testimony of my love for material and my profound allegience to the work of the hand’.