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A Cleaner Future

The interior design industry has always been able to flex and adapt to changing circumstances, but how will it change in the face of Covid-19? One development we’re likely to see in commercial projects is the increased use of fabrics that can be disinfected, using bleach-cleaning.

According to Jane Kennedy, director of StudioTex, these textiles are common in US healthcare settings, but in the UK they tend to be only specified for private facilities, and even then sparingly. She says she expects to see a much greater uptake now, and for many more applications, especially hospitality environments such as hotel rooms. To achieve proper hygiene levels, they need to be cleaned using a two-stage process: removing dirt and impurities using, for example, soap and water; and following up with disinfection, using a bleach and water solution.

US brands are unsurprisingly ahead of the curve when it comes to offering these products, and StudioTex is one of the few showrooms to carry a broad cross-section. The choice is large to suit many different projects: pictured are some examples from Concertex: ‘Apex’, ‘Flux’ and ‘Parallel’ (above left), and ‘Interlock’ (above right).

Some showrooms have been and are engaging with their clients on an appointment-only basis, while still adhering to government guidelines. Others will continue to work remotely, assisting you in your design and decorating needs. Please contact the concierge on 020 7225 9166 to check on individual showrooms, or, ask for help from the Design Centre’s Personal Shopping or Designer Sourcing Service.

StudioTex, Third Floor, South Dome