Design Centre Stories

Still Life

Given that design teams often work in strict secrecy, it’s amazing how they sometimes all manage to capture the same spirit. This season, still-lifes of Chinese and Japanese ceramics abound for wallcoverings, a look that takes one of the most traditional of all decorative objects and turns it into a something more playful.

Etro’s ‘Tangshan’ wallpaper (above left; available from Turnell & Gigon) features precious vases and bowls inspired the Ming Empire, while Manuel Canovas’ vibrant new collection includes ‘Belem’ (above right; available from Colefax and Fowler), depicting Chinese vases overflowing with stems of blossom.

Elitis’ ‘Tigre et Dragon’ wallcovering panel (above left; available from Abbott & Boyd) takes a more expressionist approach, with painterly jars and vases emerging from a vivid red background. Pierre Frey’s ‘Japonicium’ (above right) is more delicate, turning on its head the concept of a diminutive bonsai tree by blowing it up to a large scale.

Abbott & Boyd, First Floor, North Dome
Colefax and Fowler, Ground Floor, South Dome
Pierre Frey, First Floor, Design Centre East
Turnell & Gigon, Ground Floor, North Dome