Clear Winners


Celebrate the UN’s International Year of Glass in 2022 with products from the showrooms that demonstrate just how alluring this versatile material can be

'Klaar' side table, Leolux at Beaufort Interiors
'Jelly' table, Porada
'Jelly' table, Porada
'Eclipse' chandelier, Turri
'Eclipse' chandelier, Turri
'Desmond' sideboard, Visionnaire
'One Hundred' roundel, clear crystal, Samuel Heath
'Tirreno' lever handle, Studio Franchi
'Helix' tieback By Wendy Cushing Passementerie at Jason D'Soua
'Gypsy' pendant with aged brass fitting, David Hunt Lighting
'Bodice' table lamp, storm, Bella Figura
'Brasserie' tiles, mustard, Artisans of Devizes