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Exploring Other Worlds

Anthropology always provides a fascinating starting point for designers: this season’s cultural focus is the basketwork, beading and bold artwork of Africa, the Amazon and Southeast Asia. These designs embrace grass-roots culture and an appreciation of handcrafted objects, mixing natural materials and vivid prints. Larsen’s spring 2017 collection (available from Colefax and Fowler) was inspired by German photographer Hans Silvester’s images of the Bench people of southern Ethiopia, and the vibrant graphic style of painting that adorns their homes. ‘Javanese’ fabric by Robert Allen (pictured top) is a printed take on Indonesia’s batik technique, and Lelievre’s ‘Kayapo’ (pictured centre) is named after an Amazon tribe: its embroidery is inspired by traditional beadwork. Embellishment is a key part of the trend, from intricate embroidery to the linen fringing of Élitis’s ‘ÔÔ’ mirror (pictured bottom) from Abbott & Boyd.

Abbott & Boyd, First Floor, North Dome
Colefax and Fowler, Ground Floor, South Dome
Lelievre, Ground Floor, South Dome
Robert Allen, Ground Floor, South Dome


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