Design Centre Stories

Mother Nature

Bring nature indoors with birdlife – feathers, eggs and all – and other native creatures. A soothing palette of duck egg, turquoise and soft grey brings calm, serenity and comfort.

From left to right: ‘Gesso’ vase with handles and ‘Gesso Seated Bird’, both Julian Chichester.Deco Monobloc’ lever basin mixer, silver, Perrin & Rowe. ‘Satin Nickel’ finial (F298), McKinney & Co. ‘Mini Orbit’ pendant light, Porta Romana. Solid/horizontal bands Perspex’ (GP12), ‘Solid Perspex’ (GP6) and ‘Solid Bubble Perspex’ (GP10) curtain poles, all McKinney & Co.  Wallcoverings from left to right: ‘Greenhouse’ (143-138 894), Brian Yates. ‘Tempest’ (WTEM-183), Quercus & Co. at George Spencer Designs. ‘Estrella’, jade, Galbraith & Paul at Tissus D’Hélène. Fabrics from left to right: ‘Dune Hares’ (226436), Sanderson at Style Library. ‘Single Stripe’, Madder Cutch & Co and ‘Elsewhere’ (42180),  Madeaux, both at Tissus D’Hélène. Paints from left to right: ‘Horizon Grey’ and ‘High Sea’, Sanderson at Style Library; ‘Frost’, Zoffany at Style Library; ‘Cosmic Grey’, Sanderson at Style Library; ‘Dufour’, Zoffany at Style Library; pencil tips; ‘High Sea’, Sanderson at Style Library, ‘Dufour’, Zoffany at Style Library and ‘Horizon Grey’, Sanderson at Style Library; scissors, paint brush, pencil stems and paint roller, ‘Architects White’, Zoffany at Style Library.

Left to right, top to bottom: ‘Reunion’ fabric (T9064|02), Weitzner at Altfield. ‘Fairfield’ wallcovering (AT79142) and ‘Davis Dot’ wallcovering (AT79163), both Anna French at Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Vyne Silk’ fabric (31625/06), James Hare at Marvic Textiles. ‘Square Perspex’ curtain ring (R17), McKinney & Co. ‘Sea Cliff Diamond’ carpet sample, (14340), Holland & Sherry. Carpet tufts: (ESR017-10732X(12), ‘Verdigris’ (ESR-15-7480(6) and ‘Peninsula’ (ESR-16-2895(8), all Tai Ping. ‘Hudson Striped’ border (BT-57677), Samuel & Sons. Paints: ‘Dufour’ and ‘Frost’, both Zoffany at Style Library, ‘High Sea’, Sanderson at Style Library. ‘Pine Cone’ fabric, Madder Cutch & Co at Tissus D’Hélène. ‘Lindos’ fabric (2233/04) No. 9 Thompson at Jim Thompson. ‘Vyne Silk’ fabric (31625/08), James Hare at Marvic Textiles


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