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Meet the Showroom: Antique Modern Mix

Billing itself as “the home of eclectic design,” Antique Modern Mix has opened its doors at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. The faces behind the brand are Charlotte Skye and her father, Sophocles Sophocleous, and the pair specialise in mid-20th-century design classics and works of art. Here, Charlotte explains more about what to expect from the new showroom, why a vintage piece is like a classic Chanel bag, and the classic names that are always bestsellers.

What brought Antique Modern Mix to Design, Centre, Chelsea Harbour?
Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is the largest interior-design, retail and trade centre in Europe. We knew that this would be a unique opportunity to show our collection among other great interior design focused brands.

Vintage furniture and lighting in the Antique Modern Mix showroom at the Design Centre

What should we expect from the showroom?
We generally just buy what we and our clients love. Our showroom has a very eclectic feel – we like to mix different styles and eras. It isn’t laid out as a perfect room settings (although we do try!) – it’s more about having choice and ensuring that we take the time to source all these rare and wonderful pieces.

We have some really special pieces of furniture and art currently available. One of our favourites is a super-stylish 1970s Herman Miller black leather and rosewood lounge chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames. It can work in lots of spaces, offering comfort, function and style.

Why should people visit in person as opposed to looking/buying online?
It’s great to see pieces in person and try them out, to get a feel for the personality of the piece. Plus you may also get to see things in our showroom that haven’t been photographed and put on our website yet.

What’s your brand’s design philosophy?
Our philosophy is to celebrate the great designers and architects of the 20th century who changed the game in design and will forever hold their own in the design industry as icons.

In this new age where we must make the conscious decision to live more sustainably, there’s no better time to invest in antiques and vintage furniture. It is a more sustainable way of appreciating good design, preserving our heritage for all future generations while creating a unique and stylish interior.

A vintage rosewood desk in the Antique Modern Mix showroom at the Design Centre

Is there a ‘hero’ product that you feel sums up your brand, or that’s been a long-standing bestseller?
Our Danish 1950s and 1960s rosewood sideboards and desks are always bestsellers. They look amazing in any space and they bring a level of sophistication to a room. The craftsmanship of that era is exceptional and the materials used in the mid 20th century are getting rarer – or are even prohibited to use today. They are great investment pieces, especially when they are by iconic designers and architects such as Arne Vodder, Gio Ponti, Gunni Omann, Florence Knoll or HW Klein, to name a few.

Are there broad trends in the vintage/antiques sector that you are embracing?
We think vintage and antique pieces are classic, like a Chanel bag or a fitted shirt: they never go out of style, and it’s important to buy what you love rather than what’s trending. Like fashion, interior design has its trends, but if you buy a few staple pieces that are timeless, you can alter soft furnishings or smaller items to reflect current trends, or mix with contemporary pieces.

Is there anything else you’d like the Design Centre community to know about your brand?
We are a family business and have been trading in the antique and vintage sector for over 30 years. As well as selling, we also hire out pieces for photoshoots, property staging and filming.

Antique Modern Mix, First Floor, South Dome

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