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Feeling Zen

The artisans of Chicago-based Maya Romanoff (available at Altfield) have perfected the art of glass-bead wallcovering: adhesive paper is dipped in a ‘bath’ of tiny glass beads, creating a dazzling light-reflecting finish that’s unlike anything else. The technique can be combined with other materials such as metallic leaf to create even more opulent wallcoverings.

‘Zen Garden’, pictured, is the latest in this family of products, using a slightly different technique where the beads are first encapsulated in resin before being hand-raked across the surface to create a textured finish with a gentle grid pattern: the aim was to instil the product with the meditative mood of a Japanese garden.

These glass beads are just part of the story when it comes to Maya Romanoff’s ability to develop exciting new ideas for walls. Micro-thin wood veneers, flexible mother-of-pearl that can wrap around curved surfaces and hand-inlaid metal tiles are also in the brand’s portfolio, with bespoke options available across all products.

As part of Focus/20’s virtual programme, CEO Joyce Romanoff invited viewers inside the Chicago studio for a virtual tour to show how these hand-made products come together, including the consistently best-selling ‘Weathered Walls’, which features an organic, abstract pattern where no two products are quite the same. “We’re constantly innovating and looking for beautiful textures that will embellish and warm your homes,” she said. “We really love hand-craft, and honour it.”

View the virtual tour here.

Altfield, Second Floor, Centre Dome