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Glint & Glow

There’s a certain lustre permeating autumn’s new launches. Subtly reflective surfaces create dynamic design schemes, glinting when the perspective changes, or taking on entirely different qualities when lit with daylight or electric light. Pictured above are two textiles that possess this gentle shimmer: ‘Portofino’ by Armani Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli (above left) features alternating shiny and matt fibres that are intended to evoke coastal waves; while Pollack’s ‘Icon’ fabric (above right, available from Altfield) has a raised rayon pile that contrasts with its matt base.

Hard surfaces turn into something more mysterious and ambiguous when they posess a lustrous finish. Found at Circa Lighting, a new showroom in Design Centre North, this ‘Lorford’ light (above left) has a distressed glass shade that casts irregular shadows when lit from within. Alexander Lamont’s straw marquetry furniture, such as this ‘Eshu’ coffee table (above right) takes a painstaking heritage technique and turns it into something more contemporary, with its sunburst top made from straw that’s been hand-dyed in five shades. It’s available at the Alexander Lamont + Miles showroom.

New Ravenna Mosaics is a recent addition to West One Bathrooms’ collection of brands; the US company is known for its ‘jewel glass’ – glass that looks like semi-precious stone, from rose quartz to opal. This ‘Reve’ design (above left) features 24k gold as well as glass that mimics agate and quartz. Less decorative but just as alluring is Artisans of Devizes’ ‘Oasis’ ceramic tiles. Inspired by traditional Moroccan zelliges tiles, they come in multiple tones to create depth and visual interest across a wall.

Alexander Lamont + Miles, Second Floor, South Dome
Altfield, Second Floor, Centre Dome
Artisans of Devizes, Third Floor, Design Centre East
Circa Lighting, Ground Floor, Design Centre North
Rubelli, Ground Floor, Design Centre East
West One Bathrooms, Second Floor, Design Centre East


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