Making & Marking

“Everyone has their own doodle, unique to them. We thought that was a really interesting premise,” says Lori Weitzner, introducing her latest Making Our Mark collection from her Manhattan studio for London Design Week 2021. Her and her design team’s doodles – pictured above in a notebook of initial ideas – are of course not your average casual scribbles, and their work has been translated into fabric and wallpaper designs that are wonderfully sophisticated and tactile.

Available from Altfield, Making Our Mark includes ‘Cursive’, a fabric design of tessellating fan shapes that Weitzner says is her most-doodled motif, embroidered on a sheer; ‘Arbor’, an embroidered textile wallcovering that’s “neither masculine or feminine, but something in-between”; and ‘Narrative’ a delicate recycled paper-pulp wallcovering with a lacy appearance, designed to be laid over a painted wall so that the shade underneath peeks through, adding an extra degree of depth. A palette of camel and soft, smoky blue dominates, with Weitzner also pointing out the upcoming prevalence of terracotta and spice tones.

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Altfield, Second Floor, Centre Dome