Haberdashery is an established London-based design atelier. Its collection of sculptural installations and lighting centrepieces have an emphasis on narrative driven design, rich materials and subtle lighting effects.

Haberdashery’s ‘Bloom’ summons images of the first blooms of spring. Each stylised bud is lit from within creating a soft glow through the translucent porcelain petals.

‘Sand & Sea’ is a brand-new cast crystal installation piece designed to evoke the shared forms of dunes and waves and their natural meeting point.

Both ranges are available in standard compositions but can also be fully customised to clients’ needs.


Listen to the collection highlights below:

Design Avenue

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'Bloom' custom installation, Haberdashery
'Bloom' custom installation, Haberdashery
'Bloom' composition, Haberdashery
'Sand & Sea', Haberdashery
'Sand & Sea' custom composition
'Sand & Sea' ellipse