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Celebrating International Women’s Day, here’s to the women who bring creativity, leadership and purpose to our design community.

Creative women are pushing boundaries, redefining style, and inspiring boundless creativity – and have been for years. From early decorating pioneers like Elsie de Wolfe, Nancy Lancaster and Sibyl Colefax to modern day mavens, many of the most astonishing designs were, and are, being created by inspiring women. Behind some of the most renowned interior brands are a collective of forward-thinking women, including the managing director of Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, as well as trailblazing examples of female entrepreneurs championing the ever-growing stature of women in the design business. While their approach is unique, the one thing they have in common is that their influence on the design world will be felt for years to come.

In the last months, many exceptional women have joined the Design Centre’s digital platforms for some great conversations online. From intimate sessions with legends such as Zandra Rhodes, Emma Burns and Susie Atkinson; big-picture discussions about what’s shaping the future of design including Bernie de Le Cuona and Shalini Misra on the importance of well-being; the joy of creative collaborations with Ann Grafton, Kit Kemp, Suzy Hoodless and Lori Weitzner; business-focused discussions about how to take your practice to the next level with Charlotte Rey, Alexandria Dauley and Linda Boronkay; as well as talks with a new generation of young designers exploring their imaginative approach. Hear from Athena Calderone, Charu Gandhi, Karen Howes, Lucy Tilley, and many more as they share their work, passions and insights.

Perfect for immersive viewing from home, be inspired by these talks and panel discussions from the Design Centre’s rich archive.


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