Design Centre Stories

In the Making

Focus/19’s aim is to bring people closer than ever to the heart of a design story – and live demonstrations of artisan skills are the perfect way to deepen understanding and knowledge. The new Morris & Co showroom hosted block-printing sessions all week, with anyone invited to take part and create their own wallpaper (pictured top); decorative artists from the workshops of the San Patrignano community visited from Italy to show how their complex wallcoverings are created (pictured centre); and participants at a session at Lincrusta were invited to customise its ‘Chequers’ design with imaginative paint effects (pictured bottom).

It wasn’t just wallpaper that was under the spotlight, though. Elsewhere, Artisans of Devizes hosted a marbling workshop with Marmor Paperie; Marvic Textiles brought live silkworms into the showroom to tell the story of James Hare’s silk; and a chocolate-making demonstration at Christopher Peacock highlighted the robustness of its porcelain worktops.

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