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Hide and Seek – get the tribe vibe with stylish skins and ethnic patterns

Why I love… Hide and Seek

“The new faux skin fabrics take me back to my childhood in Africa where real skins were often seen as floor or furniture coverings. The sense of Africa, nature and the wild is captured by this trend and by executing the designs in vibrant, iridescent silks. The effect is exciting and exotic. The unpredictable use of colour, key to this look, adds a touch of humour as well as glamour to any design scheme.”

Kathryn Thompson, managing director, The Silk Gallery, Ground Floor, Centre Dome,

‘Leo’ plate at Pierre Frey
‘Peking’ cocktail table (9853-1) by Michael S Smith at Baker London
Large cushion in ‘Ghibli’ fabric (Vogue 169) by Kenzo at Interior Supply
Rug (287191A) at Stark Carpet

Top: ‘Zebra’ fabric in Alice ice at The Silk Gallery
Middle: ‘Snakeskin Stripe’ fabric in donkey white at The Silk Gallery
Bottom: ‘Snakeskin Stripe’ fabric in Alice ice at The Silk Gallery

‘Quagga’ fabric at Lelievre

‘Cicognino’ tables by Cassina

‘Boidae’ fabric at Lelievre

On Chair ‘Cheetah Velvet’ in black & white /Cushions ‘Inner Weave’ in black & white at Beacon Hill

‘Jamboree’ fabric in magenta/multi (LO 0002 5096) by Grey Watkins at Stark Fabric