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Streets Ahead

French illustrator Thibaut Rassat has a particular specialism for depicting architecture – he’s also a qualified architect, in fact – and, like an M.C. Escher for the modern world, his work frequently depicts fantastical, repetitive structures and cityscapes. Hermès called on his talents for its latest fabric and wallpaper collections (available from Dedar), and he has adapted his style to incorporate some of the recurring motifs associated with the famed luxury atelier.

‘Quatre Cavaliers’ (above left) depicts four chess-piece knights dotted around 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Hermès’ famous Parisian flagship with its smart external awnings and classical arches. The horse-drawn carriage is the company’s logo, but these horses look ready to make their next chess move: up, down, left or right amid their multi-level surroundings. It’s available as a linen-cotton canvas or an embroidered version on wool-satin, as well as a wallcovering.

The ‘Sur Les Toits’ wallcovering (above right) visits a similar subject: the awnings and arches remain, as do horse’s heads, this time in silhouette, but it all has more of the feel of sun-drenched Mediterranean rooftops this time. As well as an all-over pattern repeat, the design is available as a 3m-high panoramic wallcovering where the ever-climbing buildings finally give way to a plain sky.

Dedar, Ground Floor, Design Centre East

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