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Bloomsbury Reimagined

The distinctive aesthetic of the Bloomsbury Group is the basis for George Spencer Designs‘ latest Sussex collection of wallpapers – and in particular Charleston, the South Downs farmhouse that served as the group’s rural hideaway. A meeting place for the creatives and intellectuals of the early 20th century, Charleston is decorated in an utterly unique way, with walls, doors, fireplaces and furniture all painted in decorative designs by its celebrated owners, Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant – a radical departure from the formality of the Edwardian aesthetic.

Inspired by the house and its garden, the three Sussex wallcoverings are (pictured left to right): ‘Charleston Paisley’, a classic paisley design reimagined with a large-scale silhouetted hydrangea motif; ‘Asheham’, which is informal in style, with a lively abstract plant design; and the rustically simple ‘Berwick’, with its design of trailing oak leaves. The colourways for both ‘Berwick’ and ‘Charleston Paisley’ include metallic options, introducing a more dramatic character to the collection.

See these products in person at London Design Week 2021 (16-21 May): register here

George Spencer Designs, Third Floor, Design Centre East