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Sylvan Scenes

Botanical motifs are starting to make their escape from the jungle: instead of lush tropical settings, it’s the northern hemisphere that’s providing the inspiration. Ferns and pines are the leading motifs – a tie-in with wider trends in gardening, where Scots pine and other conifers are once more becoming hip after a long time languishing in unfashionable gardens.

Sanderson’s Elysian collection (from Style Library) includes ‘Juniper Pine’, which depicts pine trees as if emerging from the morning mist and ‘Owlswick’, which shows a snowy owl nestled amid oak and pine branches. Cole & Son’s Botanical Botanica wallpapers follow the theme, with ‘Fern’, which illustrates a variety of vivid green dryopteris, and ‘Forest’, a large-scale print of fantastical trees, with a dark background that amplifies the forest’s association with fairytales. The sensuous greens of the forest are also found elsewhere, such as Artisans of Devizes’ ‘Fez Ceramic’ tiles in Moss Green, and the ‘Erin’ border from Samuel & Sons’ Everly collection, whose crewelwork design is offered in a deep juniper green. Pictured top to bottom are ‘Juniper Pine’, ‘Fern’, ‘Fez Ceramic’ and ‘Erin’.

Artisans of Devizes, Third Floor, Design Centre East
Cole & Son, Ground Floor, North Dome
Samuel & Sons, Third Floor, Centre Dome
Style Library, First Floor, South Dome

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