Ting-Ying Gallery

Ting-Ying Gallery brings a dynamic and highly influential mission to the world of contemporary craft by stimulating ongoing dialogues between East and West, tradition and innovation, function and aesthetics.

The Gallery will offer a dynamic selection of unique objects from RCA alumni graduates Alice Walton, Tessa Eastman, Gerald Mak, Zhao Jinya, Vezzini & Chen. Plus unique representation of Su Xianzhong, Jeffry Mitchell, Carol McNicoll, Emma Witter, Xu Shiyuan, Peter Ting and Professor Chang Chingyuan.

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

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'Vena 5', Xu-Shiyuan (Photo: Guy Nicol)
'Erupting Cloud Cluster', glazed ceramic
'Avon Ribbons', coloured porcelain, Alice Walton
Su Xianzhong
'Non-Existent Existence', Zhao Jinya
'Drape' light, Vezzini & Chen