Samarkand Design creates beautiful lampshades and decorative pieces. Its inspiration is derived from artisans, both in the UK and discovered on travels further afield, who weave, dye and craft using timeless techniques to make unique pieces.

Focus/20 sees the launch of The Kimono collection, a range of lighting inspired by the Japanese aesthetic. The beautiful ‘Iki’ lamp has been designed with renowned ceramicist Ikuko Iwamoto. To complement it, a range of lampshades has been created using vintage kimono silks in vibrant colours.

In partnership with Ilala, it presents the ‘Baobab’ lamp; woven palm lamp bases are paired with a range of unique silk saree lampshades to create stunning lighting.



Listen to the collection highlights below:

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'Baobab' lamp, teal
'Baobab' lamp, hot pink
'Baobab' lamp, mustard
Iki Kimono collection
Iki Kimono collection