Ochre is guided by a fascination with materials, a deep appreciation of fine craftsmanship and a desire to create understated yet luxurious furniture and lighting with a timeless, harmonious appeal. The graceful silhouettes, visceral textures and gentle patinas are all achieved through intense research and a rigorous creative process.

Ochre’s ‘Moonlight Murmuration’ echoes the evolving shapes and patterns created by swooping starlings, shoaling fish and swarming bees. The new design introduces colour to the streamlined solid glass droplets, illuminated by LED, with blackened steel cap and matching canopy. The installation comes in six pre-designed configurations but can be fully customised to clients’ needs.



Listen to the collection highlights below:

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'Moonlight Murmuration', 64 drops
'Moonlight Murmuration', 20 drops, 'Caribou' chair and 'Lunar' table
'Moonlight Murmuration'
'Moonlight Murmuration'
'Moonlight Murmuration'