Under the Surface

This bronze and eggshell ‘Cupola’ pendant takes centre stage in the Alexander Lamont + Miles showroom, a new space is dedicated to the work of Alexander Lamont as well as a wider stable of brands brought together by Miles de Lange.

Lamont is usually based in Bangkok, where he oversees a workshop of 150 skilled craftsmen specialising in rare and complex materials such as straw marquetry, shagreen and lacquer, but he was in London to christen the showroom as part of Focus/20’s online programme. At the launch, he said of the light: “I wanted to have this sense of antiquity and modernity together. We had to work out how to use eggshell and lacquer on the cast bronze. The reflective quality of the light on the inside was a bit flat, until we started to grind the interior, and suddenly it had this reflective, almost liquid effect.”

The light is part of the new Sirena collection, which includes pieces designed in collaboration with Los Angeles-based Brazilian designer Antonio da Motta, inspired by West Africa’s Yoruba culture.

As well as furniture, lighting and accessories from Alexander Lamont,  the showroom (below) also features furniture from  Virginia White and a curated collection of fabric brands including Lauren Hwang New York and Soie de Lune.

Alexander Lamont + Miles, Second Floor, South Dome