Focus/19 – Workshop podcasts

Find out what inspires the best in the business, and what goes on behind the scenes via our online archive of exclusive interior design workshops – perfect for immersive listening at home. Podcasts include:

  • An exploration of iconic heritage patterns with Henry Prideaux, Lisa Montague and Rebecca Craig, hosted by The English Home
  • Colour, creativity and cocooing with Beata Heuman, Bernie de Le Cuona and Harald Altmaier, hosted by Milieu
  • Nina Campbell’s guide to outdoor living, hosted by Country & Town House
  • Alidad shares his passion and knowledge for fabrics, hosted by The World of Interiors
  • The secrets and beauty of bespoke with Ariane Steinbeck, Alan McVitty and Gemma Allman, hosted by Studio
  • The transformative power of floristry within the home with Philippa Craddock, hosted by Tatler
  • Run For The Hills, Anna Burles, makes a call for design enthusiasts to do their bit for planet earth, hosted by BIID
  • Creating captivating interior schemes with Nicola Burt, hosted by KLC School of Design
  • Anna Whitehead discusses how applying biophilic principles creates interiors ‘where the soul can engage and the mind can rest’, hosted by KLC School of Design

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