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Far-flung Fantasies



The rich cultural legacy of the Far East is back on the style radar. Fromental brings a new dimension to chinoiserie with designs such as this one (pictured top), showing a Chinese garden on a gilded ground. Made by craftsmen in China, it’s part of an opulent collection that is the antidote to minimalism. Colony looks to the poetry and pottery of Japan for inspiration; new fabrics include ‘Sogi Lampass’ with a delicate pattern of overlapping fans. Jim Thompson’s sights are also set on Japan: No.9 – Origami, its latest offering, available from Fox Linton (pictured bottom) is inspired by traditional techniques of dyeing and printing such as woodblock and resist-dye, as well as the way that fabrics are combined in traditional Japanese dress.

Colony, Second Floor, Centre Dome
Fox Linton, Second Floor, Centre Dome
Fromental, Third Floor, Centre & South Domes

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