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Designer Loves: TH2designs

As part of its First Look initiative, the Design Centre asked top designers to choose their favourite products from spring/summer 21’s collections. Gail Taylor of Th2designs describes her top choices below, as well as revealing the timeless colours she loves.

Did you discover anything on the First Look colour wheel that surprised you?
Both the ‘deCamp’ rocking chair and ‘Lune’ chair from McKinnon and Harris caught my eye and I want to show them to a client whose holiday home we are currently working on. That rocking chair placed under a shady tree would be truly inviting.

Is there a colour you are consistently drawn to in your work and why?
Each project is different and colour choices come from the setting and surrounding environment, the architecture, climate and, most importantly, the client’s brief. But personally, I am naturally a cool pastel person: I feel comfortable living in spaces that have soft hues and reflect nature, so, soft greens and blues – olive, lavender, celadon and warm whites – all of which look great grounded by graphite, navy and deep teal.

What timeless colour should we all be embracing this year?
A colour I am drawn to at the moment it is chalky white, which I have just used as a backdrop to a dark staircase. After the year we have been through, I am looking for freshness and clarity, and a warm white in lots of different textures and finishes is so versatile. It has a pure, new feel, which is exactly what we all need.

Arte, Second Floor, Design Centre East
C & C Milano, First Floor, Design Centre East
Christian Lee, Fourth Floor, Design Centre East
Flexform, Ground Floor, South Dome
McKinnon and Harris, Second Floor, North Dome
Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd, Ground Floor, Centre Dome
Romo, First Floor, North Dome

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