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Designer Loves: Mark Smith

As part of its First Look initiative, the Design Centre asked top designers to choose their favourite products from spring/summer 21’s collections. Mark Smith describes his finds below, and also explains more here about his preferred palettes.

Did you discover anything on the First Look colour wheel that surprised you?
It’s very easy to stick to what you know, but this experience definitely encouraged me to look outside of my usual boundaries.

Is there a colour you are consistently drawn to in your work?
I’m obsessed with green but it has to be at the very least mid-tone and preferably very dark. In fact, all the colours I like/use tend to be darker – aubergine, indigo, chocolate etc, mixed with stone paint colours as neutrals and warm earth tones like caramel, verdigris and bronze, and reclaimed timber for atmosphere.

What timeless colour should we all be embracing this year?
It’s difficult to tell someone what colours to use – it’s very subjective and people react to different colours in different ways. Also, we designers tend to work with a signature colour palette that doesn’t alter much with time. For me, one constant are the stone colours used in classical architecture. And the darkest green one can find!

Alexander Lamont + Miles, Second Floor, South Dome
Collier Webb, Second Floor, South Dome
Colony, Second Floor, Centre Dome
De Le Cuona, Second Floor, North Dome
Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd, Ground Floor, Centre Dome
Phillip Jeffries, Second Floor, North Dome
Vaughan, Ground Floor, South Dome (just outside) 

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