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Designer Loves: 1508 London

As part of its First Look initiative, the Design Centre asked top designers to choose their favourite products from spring/summer 21’s collections. Leo Bertacchini, design director of 1508 London, presents his edit below, and explains more about his philosophy and the role of colour in the design process.

Is there a particular piece out of the products you’ve chosen that you can’t wait to put in a scheme? How do you envision using it?
The weaving technique in some of the furniture pieces I’ve chosen is really cool. One could imagine mixing them up with something like the ‘Nykoya’ fabric by Black Edition as accent upholstery in the same room, perhaps on something super comfortable and stylish like Gallotti&Radice’s ‘Elissa’ sofa – that could be an interesting mix. The ‘Large Ophelia’ wall light from Porta Romana is really organic looking – I can see it as a wall light in the same scheme, complementing the woven details of the Flexform and Ethimo pieces.

Did you discover anything on the First Look colour wheel that surprised you?
The ‘Crasula’ Christian Lee fabric looks interesting, with its mix of warm muted colours but a bolder pop of colour here and there throughout – its geometric aspect is very attractive.

Is there a colour you are consistently drawn to in your work?
Our philosophy is to always take ourselves out of the equation and work with the aspirations of our clients and react to them. so when someone says “I want colour”, we have to address what colour means to them. Personally, I tend to focus on detail, the layering of textures and forms and playing with scale, together with colour. Each element has a part to play. Pieces like an Alexander Lamont table are truly amazing – the careful selection of materials, the craft, and how everything is put together. When you allow yourself a softer surrounding, you have more of a chance to celebrate these pieces and be playful with fabrics, rugs and soft accents. It’s all a balancing act.

What timeless colour should we all be embracing this year?
Whatever makes you feel good! Every eye is different, and we all perceive colour in a particular way – it can trigger memories for us like scent and temperature can. A challenge when you work on a public space project, for example, is that it needs to please hundreds of people so to get it right, you have to hone in on what would best suit the location, its surroundings, the amount of light the space has. You know it works when all of those elements are considered.


Alexander Lamont + Miles, Second Floor, South Dome
C & C Milano. First Floor, Design Centre East
Christian Lee, Fourth Floor, Design Centre East
Ethimo, Third Floor, Centre Dome
Flexform, Ground Floor, South Dome
Gallotti&Radice, Second Floor, Centre Dome
Porta Romana, Ground Floor, Centre & South Domes
Romo, First Floor, North Dome
Schumacher, Ground Floor, South Dome

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