Design Centre Stories

Stitched in Time

London-based interior design studio Maddux Creative has teamed up with trimmings specialist Samuel & Sons to create a new collection. Gloriette is partly inspired by classical architecture, from never-ending arcades of embroidered columns to florid acanthus leaves, while other designs get their jewel-like colours from the Florentine pietra dura mosaic workshops and their use of semi-precious stones.

The collection draws on Maddux Creative’s Jo Le Gleud’s roots: she started her professional career in fashion as an embroiderer working with designer, Koji Tatsuno and for an embroidery studio collaborating on various projects for fashion and theatre. Many of the designs were based on her hand-stitched originals, while others show off Maddux Creative’s inventive colour sense: a triple chain fringe features three colours that gradually intermingle, while an undulating embroidered border, based on one of Le Gleud’s watercolours, delivers a similar ombré effect.

“Samuel & Sons are hugely exciting to me as a designer and embroiderer, they manage to straddle marrying traditional techniques alongside contemporary and innovative design principals. This has allowed this collection to be broad in scope in terms of materiality and relevance,” says Le Gleud. “We are kindred spirits.”

Samuel & Sons, Third Floor, Centre Dome