Design Centre Stories

Patchwork of Colour

Pierre Frey’s Soleil Levant rug collection

Pierre Frey’s latest rug collection channels the rich textile heritage of Japan and Korea, from silken kimonos to indigo dyeing techniques. Every bit as eclectic and innovative as the French brand’s fabric and wallcoverings, Soleil Levant is bright, bold and playful, made from New Zealand wool and bamboo.

‘Katabira’ and ‘Hitoe’ both feature a patchwork-like explosion of pattern – inspired by the contrasting designs of a kimono and its obi sash – set against a neutral background. ‘Pakku’ takes as its starting point a wooden floor in a work by the great 19th-century printmaker Hiroshige, augmented by bold splashes of indigo, while ‘Sekdong’ reinterprets an image of young Korean dancers wearing traditional saekdongot clothing, which is made from a patchwork of different fabrics.

Love colour and pattern? Look out, too, for a new artist collaboration for Pierre Frey’s fabrics. Noémie de Yturbe’s exuberant, spontaneous artwork, which uses studs to create meandering patterns, has been reinterpreted as vivacious embroidered fabrics.

Pierre Frey, First Floor, Design Centre East