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Meet the Showroom: Shepel’

Both a furniture producer and interior design studio, Shepel’ was founded in Ukraine by Alexander and Helen Shepel. Alongside its furniture collections for both trade and retail customers, it offers custom joinery for kitchens, dressing rooms and more, bringing each client’s unique vision to life, and all underpinned by supreme quality craftsmanship. Now based in the UK at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, Alexander explains the ethos behind the brand, and how Shepel’ sets out to “redefine modern interiors”.

What brought Shepel’ to Design, Centre, Chelsea Harbour?

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is internationally renowned as a hub for its interior design and furniture excellence, offering exposure to some of the world’s best interior designers, architects and fellow design brands. Taking up residence in this institution has allowed us to strengthen our international presence, further establishing Shepel’ as a global leader in luxury furniture and design.

What should we expect from the showroom?

The showroom is designed to resemble a furnished apartment – we wanted to create a space which enables clients to envision how our furniture seamlessly integrates into various interior settings. Each room set (a living room, kitchen and study) has been designed to showcase the capabilities and signature style of our interior design studio, Studio Shepel. Pieces from our custom furniture brands, Shepel Furniture and S-Contract, are infused in each scheme, providing a comforting and immersive space for us to meet with clients. We have an expansive collection of materials and finishes available for clients to view and create pieces and/or schemes that perfectly suit their unique tastes, needs, lifestyle and environment.

The London showroom of furniture brand Shepel at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

Why should customers visit in person as opposed to looking/buying online?

Visiting the showroom allows people to experience a tailored interior design consultation: they can discuss their vision, explore different design options and receive personalised recommendations to achieve their desired aesthetic. It’s also important that clients can experience the quality and craftsmanship of each piece firsthand.

What’s Shepel’’s design philosophy?

Our interior design style is a harmonious blend of refined elegance and understated luxury. Each creation is designed to enhance the unique character of a space while meeting the lifestyle needs and reflecting the distinctive taste of its occupants. Our signature design style draws inspiration from diverse global references, and we are often inspired by our Ukrainian heritage which prioritises artisanal techniques and traditions – it is this philosophy which resonates most with our clients.

'Steven' ottoman, Shepel

Is there a ‘hero’ product that encapsulates your brand, or that’s been a long-standing bestseller?

The ‘Steven’ ottoman [pictured above] was one of the first furniture designs, and it remains a hallmark of the portfolio. The unique design, combining a mixture of distinctive materials such as oak and brass, underpins our elegant yet refined design style. Each component has been expertly crafted to create a unique piece of art with integrity and longevity.

What broad trends in your sector of the design industry are you embracing?

Every creation embodies a sense of luxury that transcends fast-paced trends to produce cherished heirlooms for generations to come, and this ethos is being felt across the wider design industry. Movements such as ‘minimaluxe’ focus on simplicity, clean lines and understated elegance while incorporating high-quality materials, textures and finishes to create a sense of luxury, which exactly reflects our work.

What craftsmanship or innovation goes into your products?

We combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge techniques to create truly exceptional pieces imbued with unique authenticity and a nod to our Ukrainian heritage and creativity. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, from our design process to the materials we use, ensuring that our creations are not only beautiful but also functional and forward-thinking. Additionally, we prioritise the client experience, offering a truly bespoke service and turnkey solutions to meet the unique lifestyle and needs of each individual.

What can we expect from the latest collections?

S-Contract, the custom furniture manufacturer of the Shepel’ design group, has launched a new collection of contemporary upholstered furniture pieces (pictured above) tailored for both residential and commercial interiors. Embracing the elegant appeal of sinuous shapes, the collection, comprising chairs, sofas, ottomans and stools, has been designed to redefine modern interiors while prioritising functionality and comfort for its discerning customers.

Each piece in the collection is expertly made by an in-house team of passionate artisans who carefully shape upholstered furniture, in any given fabric, with their skilled hands, combining honest material with clarity of construction and artistic excellence. Several pieces from the collection are available to view in the showroom.

Shepel’, Third Floor, North Dome

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