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Pyjama Party

The art of seduction; sensual yet sophisticated elegance.

Samuel & Sons Bejeweled

‘Bejeweled’ collection, Samuel & Sons Passementerie


‘Ebenezer’ console, sycamore dusk, Davidson. ‘Nymph’ lamp and shade, Donghia at Rubelli/Donghia. ‘Darius’ wallcovering (FP410002), Pierre Frey


‘Eggshell’ braid (EMBTR075), cement, Holland & Sherry at Lelievre


‘Cloud Pink’ rug by Jan Kath, Front Rugs


‘Moore’ cabinet, Giorgetti


61         ‘Retro’ wallcovering (T85041), Thibaut at Jacaranda Carpets
62         ‘Celebrity’ fabric (AWL1003/62), kasha, Loro Piana at Fox Linton
63         ‘Elixir’ wallcovering (ELA110), Brian Yates
64         ‘Galuchat’ fabric (F3113002), poudre, Pierre Frey
65         ‘Charleston’ fabric (F3096001), poudre, Pierre Frey
66         ‘Dune’ fabric (10295-06,) pink, Donghia at Rubelli/Donghia
67         ‘Suzanni’ fabric (F3103001), poudre, Pierre Frey
68         ‘Boteth’ fabric (SC062-05), Sheila Coombes at Brian Yates
69         (TH-3721) wallcovering, Lizzo
70         ‘Carrara’ leather, russet, Altfield
71         ‘Star’ fabric (STA02), platinum, Evitavonni
72         ‘Ketu Linen’ fabric (EKET131712), pearl, Anthology at Harlequin
73         ‘Orlena’ fabric (3613/01), desert sand, Jim Thompson at Fox Linton
74         ‘Annecy’ leather (ANN283), candy floss, Whistler Leather
75         (Z001) wallcovering, templar, Fromental
76         ‘Lezarde’ trim (31355/9400), Houlès
77         ‘Météore’ fabric (19513 844), Etamine at Zimmer + Rohde
78         ‘Magnus’ wallcovering (25009), Arte
79         ‘Hector’ fabric, Houlès
80         ‘Olon’ fabric (131730), copper, Anthology at Harlequin
81         ‘Grace’ fabric (3237/04), Jason D’Souza
82         ‘Side Car’ wallcovering (FP409001), poudre, Pierre Frey
83         ‘Lightning’ wallcovering (WLC PRA3 2503), silver gold, Stark Wallcovering at Stark Fabric
84         ‘Mia’ leather, mushroom, Altfield
85         ‘Camago’ wallcovering (14000-14011), Arte
86         ‘Trono’ fabric (J3515 UA0645/002), Brochier at Altfield
87         ‘Emilia Romagna’ fabric (9937/08), arancia, Glant at Altfield
88         ‘Faux Leather’ double cord (31133/9410), Houlès
89         ‘Darius’ fabric (FP410002), Pierre Frey
90         ‘Zelda’ leather, cream/rose gold, Altfield


‘Cashmere’ pendant, Wired Custom Lighting

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