The founders of Objekti, brother and sister-in-law Benjamin and Miriam Frowein, discovered traditional piña sculptures on a trip to Mexico and fell in love with these unique and rare pieces.

The pine, a symbol long associated with goodwill, is turned into a masterpiece by some of Mexico’s most celebrated artisans. These whimsical pieces are created from local clay with elaborate details of incision, appliqué and openwork, which requires exceptional mastery. Glazes mixed with copper sulphate and other minerals, together with multiple firings, bring brilliant shine to each piece.

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Chocolate 2020, H40cm D17 cm Black Pearl, H37cm D20cm
Green Pine 2021, H76cm D36cm
Black Pine 2020, H63cm D29cm
Blue Candelabra 2021, H57cm D27 cm