Mixed Metals

Mixed Metals is a collaboration between Juliette Bigley and Simone ten Hompel, both makers in metal.

Metal is an integral part of our working lives, and the medium through which our express our thoughts. Our interests lie in the expressive capacities of metal, and we invite our audiences to meet the voices of metal that are encapsulated in our work. For each exhibition, we invite other makers to join us, both to expand our exchanges, and to prompt the creation of different narratives.

Listen to the collection highlights below:

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

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Viewpoint I, wallpiece, copper, brass, silver, Max Warren
Cups and a Spoon on a Base, sculpture, silver and gilding metal, Simone ten Hompel
Planes (4), sculpture, steel and silver, Juliette Bigley
Six Bowls on a Base, sculpture, silver and patinated copper, Juliette Bigley
Three Together, gilding metal, silver, paper and platinum leaf, Simone ten Hompel
Viewpoint II, wallpiece, custom silver alloy, Max Warren