Metal Collective

Metal Collective presents a collection of objects that hold, pour and provoke. In an in-depth exploration of metal, each artist draws on a deep knowledge of their material, their own characteristic way of making, and their individual world-view to create pieces that generate a dialogue between sculpture and function, and act as vignettes of each maker’s experience of the world.

Featuring the work of Juliette Bigley, Rebecca de Quin, Jo Garner, Callum Partridge and Simone ten Hompel.

Listen to the collection highlights below:

Ground Floor, Design Avenue

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Mode Candlesticks, candlesticks, red-brown patination and silver, mixed metals with hardwood by Rebecca de Quin
Nostalgic Objects, sculpture, mixed colours with white and grey, enamelled steel and textile by Jo Garner
Spoons, brown and silver, mixed metals with wood, Simone ten Hompel
Titanium Candlesticks, candlesticks, light gold, blue and silver, mixed metals by Callum Partridge
Vessels, sculpture, silver, grey and black, mixed metals by Juliette Bigley and Simone ten Hompel
Wallpiece (1), sculpture, multi-black and silver, steel and silver by Juliette Bigley