McKinnon and Harris

McKinnon and Harris is the leading manufacturer of high-performance aluminum outdoor furniture for estates, gardens, and yachts around the world.

The ‘duVal-Alexander’ sofa and club chair, ‘Beaufort’ sun chaise, and ‘Suhling’and ‘Wyatt’ side tables are expressive examples of the talent of the artisans in the workshop and intimate family connections and artistic inspiration of the company’s founders. Each high-performing, enduring piece of outdoor furniture was created by hand without compromise in Richmond, Virginia.



Second Floor, North Dome

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'Beaufort' sun chaises and 'Hepplewhite' side table in Severn River stone
'Suhling' side table, Gwynn’s Island gray and 'deCamp' rocking chair, goshen stone finish with ‘La Dolce Vita Italian Yachting’ high performance fabric, Tidal Pool
‘duVal Alexander’ club chair and sofa, wicomico white with Quadrato back
‘Wyatt’ side table, Lancaster blue and ‘duVal-Alexander’ club chair with trellis back. Lancaster blue
‘Wyatt’ side table, classic white, ‘duVal-Alexander’ sofa and club chair with Mughal back, Lancaster blue