Lloyd Choi Gallery

Lloyd Choi Gallery represents crafts-led contemporary Korean artists and believes in the power of art to enlighten, a concept rooted in Korean tradition. The gallery supports artists whose thorough knowledge of materials, masterful skills and meditative processes create alchemic reactions, moving their work beyond the boundaries of craft and fine art.

For Artefact, Lloyd Choi Gallery will select artworks from the recent exhibition Material Dialogue, showcasing Korean contemporary craft that conveys a sense of warmth and peace.

With special thanks to the Korean Craft & Design Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea.

Ground Floor, Design Avenue


'Ottchil Jogakbo' wall hanging, ramie fabrics by Lee Sora and 'What's left' sculpture, scorched wood by Park Hong-Gu
'Pyeon Moon' wall hangings and 'Buncheong' vases, stoneware, earthenware, white-slip by Park Sung-Wook
'See the Sound of Rain 025' wall hanging, nickel-oxide, rain fallen porcelain, Kwak Hye-Young
'Another Black Pearl' sculpture, mother of black pearl and nickel by Kim Hyun-Ju
'Ceramic Minwha' wall hanging, stoneware by Lee Geum-Young and 'Blue Jar' vase, stoneware by Choi Bo-Ram
'White Cheomjang' vases, porcelain with gold peaks, by Yun Ju-Cheol